Value co-creation, Prof. Dr. Régis Lemmens – Jan 21st 2016 – Salons de Romree (Grimbergen)


This workshop brings you the latest best practice on how to create value with your customers and develop new business opportunities. In a market, where products and services are rapidly becoming commodities and where customers demand greater added value and better prices, the conventional approach to selling has to be revised. Now, a new approach to develop business opportunities with customer is needed based on co-creating value rather than on selling value. Sales people have to become much more strategic in their approach focussing on helping customer to achieve their business outcomes based on close and deep collaboration between their organisation and their customers.
As a participant you will have the opportunity to:

  • Get to know the key trends and changes in sales now, rather than having to catch up later
  • Get ahead of the competition by exploring new ways to further enhance your competitiveness by co-creating with rather then selling value to your customer


This workshop will teach you:

  • What value co-creation is and how it can help you to add more value to your customers
  • What the different sales methods are and when to use them


For registration or more info, please click on the following link