Designed to build capabilities of sales professionals. Hands-on training to build their personal brand on social networks, and become more effective in their social selling activities (how to find, educate, develop and engage with customers and prospects). Use social selling to create and win sales opportunities

Online sessions in :

  • Dutch– On Wednesdays from 14:30 to 15:30

 How to apply best practices specific to social selling and how to build your brand (Module 1 and 2).
 Finding and identifying buyers (Module 3) and review your sphere of influence (Module 4).
 How to educate buyers online (Module 5) and how to engage with insights (Module 6).
 Developing and growing your social media platforms (Module 7).
 Setting up your daily social selling routine (Module 8).
 Completing your social selling certification (Module 9) and realizing increased sales results.


About this format

This is a 9 Week course with access to resources and e-portal for one year
Available in : EN – NL – FR (Materials in EN)
Price per participant : € 1500 (VAT EXCL.)


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